**All models are ovarian cancer Survivors or have been touched by the disease.


I lost my mom to ovarian cancer on 9/23/1996. It is emotionally difficult for me to attend your fashion show since it is in the month of September, which is Ovarian Cancer awareness month, the month of my mom's birthday, and the month she passed away. I push myself to go because it is an important cause and I truly appreciate what you are doing. The morning of the event I got the thought in my head if I won the cruise I would give the tickets to my grandparents (my mom's parents). It was unbelievable that I won the cruise tickets and the airline tickets. I also won a bottle of wine labeled "3 wishes", which I won 3 items. I totally felt this was a gift from my mom telling me she was proud of what I have done with my life. I called my grandparents that week with the great news that they were going on a cruise. It was an amazing family trip. It was my husband, my two kids, my grandparents, and I. It was a great family time, awesome weather, great food, and a lifetime of wonderful memories. It was the first time I have ever gone snorkeling and it was amazing! Thank you for doing this event and thank you for giving me, my family, and my grandparents a trip of a lifetime. We have been through a lot and it was great to make some good, positive family memories. I know my mom was smiling at us on this vacation."

Lacey Martin